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Jeff Manley: Faith No More’s “The Real Thing”


Cartoonist Jeff Manley and I run in some of the same circles, and sometimes that’s all you need to set up a podcast recording. He hit me up on Twitter and said he could talk about Faith No More’s “The Real Thing” for about an hour, so we scheduled a time and went from there. Being the first guest that I didn’t really know on a personal level, I was curious as to how the conversation would go, turned out to be a lot of fun.

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Here is the poster I drew for my local comic convention, C4. I’ve also included a sample of the coloring. Enjoy and share… I would tag things in it, but that would take forever.

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I just got done recording a podcast called Your Favorite Album where I talked about my favorite album of all time, FAITH NO MORE THE REAL THING. To calm my pre-show jitters I started drawing the classic FNM eyeball hand… after the show was over, I finished it. Pretty sweet, just like the episode of the podcast. 

I will now link to my books so people that have just listened to the podcast can easily find my work:

and my only current webcomic:

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Here is my studio… or as my wife calls it, “that corner of the basement that is wasted with your hobby crap”. The last pic is of a poster I am working on for my favorite local comic convention C4 (used be C3).